Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) wants to rush the TransCanada pipeline.  Rather than base the decision on science, he rushed a bill (HR 1938) through the House Energy and Commerce Committee that says Sec. Clinton must make a decision by Nov. 1st, even if the studies have not been finalized.

We wrote about Terry and his reckless bill last week, you can see that post here complete with a video of him giving talking points straight from API, a group TransCanada sent to our state to push this risky pipeline project.

The bill now goes to the full House for a vote.  We understand that vote will take place in early July. If the bill passes the House, it faces a BIG hurdle in the Senate, we do not see his bill having the votes in the Senate to pass.  

However, this is a very clear sign as to where Rep. Terry stands. We stand with landowners like Randy. Terry stands with TransCanada, a foreign company that bullies landowners.

ACTION: Email, Tweet or write on Terry’s Facebook wall letting him know his pipeline bill was reckless and he needs to pull it now.

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Below are comments from leaders in Nebraska on the Rep. Terry’s bill to rush the pipeline:

John Hansen, Nebraska Farmers Union
“Nebraska Farmers Union is deeply disappointed that the House Energy and Commerce Committee supported Representative Lee Terry’s HR1938,” said Nebraska Farmers Union President John Hansen.  “HR1938 will not only interfere with the State Department’s administrative process for decision making relative to the TransCanada Keystone XL proposed pipeline, it will effectively reduce and minimize the input from Nebraska landowners and citizens directly impacted by the route of the proposed pipeline.  Just after the State Department agrees to our organization’s request for field hearings this summer and fall on the pipeline route so that citizens and landowners most directly impacted by the pipeline could have input into their decision making process, Representative Terry and the House Energy and Commerce Committee want to force the State Department to make a decision without the necessary time to consider and process Nebraska and U.S. citizen and landowner input.  Apparently, they have little regard for the concerns of our landowners and citizens” Hansen concluded.  

Duane Hovorka, Nebraska Wildlife Federation
“The decision on whether the Keystone XL pipeline will be approved, rejected, or re-routed should be thorough and based on science, not on an arbitrary deadline,” said Duane Hovorka, Nebraska Wildlfe Federation executive director.  “Neither Congress nor the Administration should rush to judgment before the necessary information about the need for the project and the risks associated with it are clearly understood.” 

Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska

“Rep. Terry’s reckless bill will only bring regret for America’s energy policy and Nebraska landowners.  Instead of encouraging a thorough, scientific analysis on the risks of the Keystone XL to the Ogallala Aquifer, the bill rushes the process.  Last summer’s tarsands oil spill in Michigan showed that we cannot blindly trust foreign oil companies to be good stewards of our natural resources.  Rep. Terry should be holding companies like TransCanada accountable and protecting landowners not helping TransCanada bully their way through America’s land and water. It is time Terry stands with landowners like Randy and not foreign oil companies like TransCanada. His vote today shows us whose side he is on and its not with Nebraskans.”

Ken Winston, Nebraska Sierra Club

“This bill is a partisan attempt to support a foreign corporation and the profiteering of big oil companies. These Washington politicians evidently believe Hillary Clinton and State Department bureaucrats should make a decision about the future of America’s most valuable resource, the Ogallala aquifer, without obtaining the necessary scientific input to protect this vulnerable resource. They should instead follow the reasonable recommendations of respected Nebrasa scientists to conduct studies and heed the request of a bipartisan group of Nebraska legislators for time to enact appropriate standards to protect our precious clean, fresh water for our nation’s future.”