Incumbent Rep. Lee Terry took the first swing in the election against Tom White for Nebraska’s Congressional seat that covers Omaha and the surrounding areas.  As a 12-year incumbent who promised only to serve 6 years, you would think Terry wouldn’t have to take the first swing… but Terry knows he is in trouble so he had to hit the airwaves first.

The new commercial raises more than a few issues we have with incumbent Rep. Terry. Maybe his consultants thought this would be voters’ reaction…

A $13 trillion dollar debt you say?  And you voted against a $1 trillion dollar stimulus?  Well golly mister, the debt is awful and since you have been in there so long you probably have the answer to fix it, so I should vote for you again.

Terry should ask for his money back from his ad consultants and his pollster if they really think that will be Nebraskans’ reaction.

Let’s get to the facts.

We are unclear how incumbent Rep. Terry can say he was not part of the problem that got us into a $13 trillion dollar deficit.  His vote on Medicare Part D, the Republicans’ version of “reforming” health care, will cost taxpayers MORE than the entire health reform package signed into law by Obama.  So, even if we just take that one vote of Terry’s, that alone put our country on a track to a $15.5 trillion debt.

Incumbent Lee Terry also voted to bail out Wall Street (and proceeded to let them off the hook when it came time to regulate them) at the cost of $4.7 trillion to taxpayers.

Terry also supported irresponsible Bush tax cuts and a war that exponentially increased the national debt.  It’s so nice that Terry could vote for all of that but vote against a $1 trillion stimulus that helped working families and balance state budgets during the economic crisis.

Incumbent Lee Terry wraps up his amnesia-filled commercial with the claim that “We need some Nebraska common sense in Congress.”  Uh, aren’t you in Congress, Mr. Terry?  You are the incumbent, right?  What have you been doing for the past 12 years if not bringing Nebraska common sense to Congress?  Some would reply, naming a post office and hanging out with lady lobbyists.  We expect more from our elected leaders, especially those that have been there for 12 years.

So, the first ad of the NE-2 election season is all about incumbent Lee Terry being “outraged” about the national debt.  We’re outraged by this campaign video (and we punctuate that statement with an awkward cat-like gesture that shows we are “outraged”).

Side note to Terry’s web team: We LOVE the title you chose for your boss’ new campaign video on Youtube, “Lee Terry Commercial1.wmv”.  It’s very “I uploaded this at 2 AM after crashing on 6 Red Bulls.”  It’s so nice to see a politician and his web team who underestimate the impact of new media, but it doesn’t surprise us since you also seem to have an aversion towards flipcams.