Sen. Johanns’ and Rep. Terry’s support for Congressional bills that would force approval of the (already denied) Keystone XL pipeline not only goes against Nebraskans’ concerns about our land and water, but it is also a fruitless endeavor akin to chasing Moby Dick.

President Obama denied TransCanada’s permit request to build the Keystone XL pipeline which means TransCanada must resubmit an application to the State Department. If TransCanada submits a new application, the review process starts from the beginning. Specifically in Nebraska, this means that TransCanada must–according to law passed during the Pipeline Special Session–submit a route application to the Public Service Commission. The denial of the pipeline however has not stopped the GOP’s pursuit of political theater in the name of “jobs.” 

Whether it was the GOP’s attempt to attach pipeline approval to the middle class tax cut last year or this year’s new bills in the House and Senate, the bottom line is this is politics at its worst. Sen. Johanns and Rep. Terry think their latest actions are win-win: they get to beat up President Obama and keep the money flowing from oil companies into their campaign accounts.

Instead of chasing the Moby Dick of pipelines, Sen. Johanns and Rep. Terry should be chasing windmills which are a source of clean energy and jobs that revitalize our communities and do not risk our water. There is a renewable energy bill in Congress that neither Terry nor Johanns has supported, which makes their claims about jobs and energy independence ring hallow.


Contact Rep. Terry and Sen. Johanns and tell them to stop their pursuit of the Moby Dick pipeline and instead support clean energy, like wind, that brings American-made energy to our local communities. 

Rep. Terry: 202-225-4155, @LeeTerryNE

Sen. Johanns:, 202-224-4224, @mike_johanns

More Info:

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