On Jan. 28 (NEW DATE) we are joining forces with the Idle No More rally happening at the state capitol. This will replace the Heineman vigil originally planned for Jan. 29th. We are celebrating the protection of our land and water as well as keeping Gov. Heineman accountable.

January 28th (NEW DATE)
4 PM 
Front Steps of the State Capitol (K Street)

We will have a round dance, speakers and a special action each speaker will take all in the name of protecting our land and water. There will also be drumming, lighting of Wish Lanterns and luminaries with the image of President Obama and #idlenomore and #nokxl written on the bags. 

Gov. Heineman flip-flopped on his word to protect the Aquifer. Heineman turned his back on landowners, property rights and our water…however his reckless action only gives us more resolve to act.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

4pm: Gather on steps of state capitol (north side, on K street)
4:10pm: Speakers address crowd
4:30pm: Sacred drum circle (only those that have been asked can enter drum circle)
4:45pm: Round Dance!  (for everyone)
5pm: Launch of “wish lanterns”

We will also have luminaries with the image of President Obama and #idlenomore and #nokxl written on the bags. Since we all know the decision on the pipeline is squarely in Pres. Obama’s lap now.

Bring signs, bring your energy, let’s show Gov. Heineman we are idle no more, let’s protect our land and water.