With turkey day around the corner, and folks making plans for their holiday meals, we have compiled a handy list of local Nebraska producers to source all of the meats, vegetables, wines and beers you’ll need for your family feasts!

(As Nebraska’s growing season is now over, we strongly suggest you contact these producers ASAP to check on availability and to place all of your holiday orders!)

Robinette Farms | Martell, NE
(402) 794-4025 

At Robinette Farms, our passion is to provide the most nutritious food we can to our community.  We have a big picture view of how we connect to the land, our community, and our planet.  With that in mind, we strive to educate folks about food, farming and our ecosystems.

All of our produce and meat is distributed within 20 miles of our farm.  For as much of the season as possible, we feed our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)members, our customers at the Old Cheney Road Farmers’ Marketour local restaurants, and our friends in need of healthy vegetables at The Gathering Place.


Davey Road Ranch | Raymond, NE
(402) 783-0377 

(**The owner of this ranch has participated in #NoKXL events by donating food and hosting Pipeline Fighters on their land**)

Certified Organic, Grass-Fed Meats and Cheeses. Davey Road Ranch was established as a “close-to-the-cities” headquarters for Gotschall Organic Grass-fed Beef and Holt Creek Jerseys, which enables efficient marketing of Organic, Humanely-raised, Grass-fed meat and dairy products to the customer base of Lincoln and Omaha.

Clear Creek Organic Farms | Spalding, NE
(402) 336-8116

(**The owner of this farm has participated in #NoKXL events by donating food and hosting Pipeline Fighters on their land**)

 Clear Creek Organic Farms has been in the Bernt family for over 125 years. We have always farmed with an organic mindset but weren’t certified until 2006. Our name comes from the small Clear Creek that flows onto our farm and joins in marriage with the Cedar River on our farm. To our north are the sandhills rolling and covered with grass and wild flowers, to the south are the rich clay soils, fertile for crops. We are truly blessed here to have such a contrast that allows a diversified operation.

We believe that the health of the soil affects the health of everything and everyone that eats from it. Our farm motto is “Producing healthy foods for healthy families.” So the understanding of the soil health has been a very important part for us. My wife, Kristine and I have been blessed with 12 beautiful children and they all play a part in the production. We try our best to work together and help out where ever needed. There is nothing more pleasing for a parent to see, than this to happen among their children.

North Star Neighbors | Fullerton, NE
(877) 617-2333

(**The owner of this ranch has participated in #NoKXL events by donating food and hosting Pipeline Fighters on their land**)


Devoted to sustainable agriculture and environmental activism. Our animals are raised from birth on our farms. We know exactly what they eat from birth. They are never given antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants. No animal by-products are fed to our animals. Our animals are not grown in confinement buildings – They are raised on grass and in open lots and grain-finished on non-GMO corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa. Our animals are taken directly from our farms to a family-owned, USDA-inspected processing plant.
Wattermann Family Farm | West Point, NE
(402) 372-5005 
PHOTO: JAMES R. BURNETT/THE WORLD-HERALD*NOTE: Open Harvest currently has a limited number of Wattermann Family Farm heritage turkeys in stock. Also, be sure to check out this wonderful article about Wattermann Family Farm in the Omaha World-Herald.


We are located 9 miles northeast of West Point, about 90 minutes north of Omaha. My great-great grandfather homesteaded not too far from here, and we were thrilled to move to Nebraska back in 1998 from California to raise our family. We love it here! Our family farm uses mainly organic practices, we raise our livestock on pasture, and the poultry feed we mix ourselves. It is made using organic or transitional non-GMO corn, soy meal and oats. We work with very limited quantities of livestock due to our limited space, but this enables us to give more attention to each group of animals.
WindCrest Winery | Raymond, NE
(402) 783-2875 

It all began in 1998, when we planted the first vine. Great care was taken in selecting the grape varieties and clones which are best suited for our Nebraska soil. Frontenac, DeChaunac, St. Vincent, LaCrosse, Edelweiss, St. Peppin, Vignoles and Petit Amie were chosen. In addition to the grape varieties, we also planted a cherry orchard producing remarkable cherries that are then crafted into great wines.

Until 2007, we made our living selling our fruit to a neighboring winery. Not satisfied with just growing premium grapes, we decided to put our fruit into our own bottles and in 2008, WindCrest Winery was born.

Modern Monks Brewery | Lincoln, NE
(Available at Misty’s Downtown, Williamsburg, Havelock)

The Modern Monks are three holy men of the finest craft brewing art. Using primordial and secret ingredients, they make all manner of ales and lagers spring forth from their casks. Beers brewed using the traditional styles of the medieval monasteries. Beers truly worthy of indulgence. So raise a glass to these monkish souls, who took an oath of perfection and a vow of flavor. Who denied themselves free time, social lives and personal grooming, so the world would know undeniable pleasure. Now come, partake in brew of the highest order. Join the brotherhood.