It was day six of the special session, and still no sign of Governor Heineman. There was no word from him on a bill that would give his office siting authority or any of the bills for that matter.

If we needed a sign that the governor does not take this special session seriously, this was it. The governor has provided no clear guidance to state senators on what legislation he wants passed. He has not even bothered to show his face in the halls of the Capitol.

Nebraskans deserve a leader who honors his word and protects our land and water.

Gov. Heineman has tremendous authority to influence the legislature but is sitting on his hands. If Heineman said today, “We are going to regulate oil pipelines, and we are getting the Keystone XL out of the Sandhills,” it would be done. He has that much power and persuasion, and to pretend otherwise would be ignoring reality.

All of a sudden, it seems Heineman is afraid to come out of his hole and call the shots.

The citizens will need to fill the leadership gap in our state government…again.

We need you to email the entire Natural Resources committee. Tell them you expect nothing less than a reroute, and you know they have the authority to do it. TransCanada’s scare tactics do not frighten courageous and bold Nebraskans.

As for Heineman, we’re deeply dissappointed that he continues to afraid of his own shadow. Please email us ideas on what you think we as citizens should do to try and change Heineman’s mind.

Copy and paste the emails of the Natural Resources Committee, tell them to pass all the bills out of committee:,,,,,,,