Update, 8/30/2010: Heineman remains silent, but TransCanada has now withdrawn their threatening letters. This is GREAT news and was reported by Paul Hammel with the Omaha World Herald.  Every activist and landowner who has taken action should pat yourself on the back for this progress!


Governor Heineman continues to remain silent while an international company is bullying Nebraska landowners.  TransCanada sent threatening letters to landowners in the proposed pipeline route demanding they sign a contract for their land or the company would start the eminent domain process to take the land.  The pipeline project has not yet been approved by the United States government.

Nebraska Sierra Club and Bold Nebraska sent a press release highlighting the huge hole in our state law regarding eminent domain.  Right now, any international company could send a letter to Nebraska landowners threatening eminent domain because we do not have state laws to protect landowners. 

Additionally, the National Wildlife Federation in partnership with the Nebraska Wildlife Federation sent a national press release with a copy of the letter sent to Nebraska Landowners from TransCanada.  National outlets have started to pick-up on this huge injustice.  

Conservative and moderate elected officials have sent letters to TransCanada and the Department of State demanding more answers to all the outstanding questions, and yet Governor Heineman has remained silent.

Senator Johanns sent a letter to the TransCanada CEO demanding he stop the bullying letters to Nebraska landowners.

State Senator Fulton sent a letter to the Department of State with copies to TransCanada demanding answers on the safety of the pipeline.

Senator Nelson has met with the Department of State and sent various inquiries about the safety and process of the pipeline.

Governor Heineman has insisted this is a federal issue which is why he has not gotten involved.  However, the current eminent domain issue is yet one more reason why this is a state issue (on top of the fact that $49 million of state dollars will be used to build transmission lines to support the proposed pipeline, on top of the fact that the state is the one responsible for creating a state Emergency Response plan for the current pipeline in the ground which Nebraskans have yet to see or give feedback on, on top of the fact that the pipeline can adversely affect not only our water but also our crops –the list of reasons why this is a STATE issue is long).  

Heineman can no longer remain silent while an international company bullies Nebraskans. 

Governor Heineman had until August 21st to show he is a leader, that is the deadline TransCanada gave to Nebraska landowners.  Heineman failed to protect landowners. We are watching.


Download the one-page flyer and ask your friends to write to Governor Heineman demanding he requires TransCanada to retract the bullying letters they sent to landowners. You can also sign the petition to help stop the pipeline.