Polls show the race between Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey is razor thin. But what is also showing the race is tight is the flurry of tv ads and endorsements coming out at lightening speed. Vote Vets, an advocacy group just like Bold Nebraska, is out with a new ad that starts today hitting Deb Fischer for the greedy land grab (kinda like TransCanada who Fischer chummed it up in the lobby with while landowners testified to protect their land, but I digress).

Senator Hagel–Vietnam Vet, Republican and generally a thorn in his party’s establishment side–is endorsing Bob Kerrey. They both served in Vietnam and are both viewed as independent voices (both also happen to have grey hair, blue eyes and are easy on the eyes, but I digress again).

We need independent voices in DC and offices all across our state. Make sure you pass around the New Energy Voter Guide to help friends know where candidates stand and who will stand up for our families.

Vote Vet Ad


Landowner Ad