On Monday, the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature will hold a lunch hour hearing on Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks’ bill (LB 646) that would create an Extreme Weather Preparedness Task Force, to develop an evidence-based, data-driven strategic plan to respond to issues of extreme weather and climate change for the State of Nebraska.

The Task Force would consist of the chairpersons of the Natural Resources and Appropriations Committees of the Legislature, as well as 5 persons appointed by the Executive Board of the Legislature. The Task Force would be required to have extensive opportunities for public input, as well as input from experts in relevant areas from the University of Nebraska, and would be required to submit a strategic action plan on or before December 15, 2017.

Bold Nebraska supports LB 646, and urges Nebraskans to testify in person at the hearing on Monday, or else contact your state senator and urge them to support LB 646, to create an Extreme Weather Preparedness Task Force:

  • WHAT: Legislature Hearing on LB 646: Extreme Weather Preparedness Task Force
  • WHEN: Monday, Feb. 6, 12:00 p.m.
  • WHERE: Room 2102, Nebraska State Capitol, 1445 K St, Lincoln, NE 68508


  1. Plan to write out your testimony, so you can hand it in if you don’t get to speak. Ask to have it made part of the record.
  2. Talk about climate change, because that’s what we are dealing with, not just extreme weather. Extreme weather is one of many symptoms of climate change. We need to go after the root problems, not just treat the symptoms.
  3. The Legislature lacks the expertise to create a climate plan for the state. We should petition for an RFP to have a viable third-party create an “evidence based, data-driven” climate plan.
  4. The University of Nebraska, with all the scientists that work on various aspects of climate, meteorology, biology, agriculture, water and engineering, has the expertise to develop such a plan and should be part of the process.


  • Sen. Dan Watermeier, Chairperson
    Phone: (402) 471-2733
    Email: dwatermeier@leg.ne.gov
  • Sen. Kate Bolz
    Phone: (402) 471-2734
    Email: kbolz@leg.ne.gov
  • Sen. Ernie Chambers
    Phone: (402) 471-2612
  • Sen. Sue Crawford
    Phone: (402) 471-2615
    Email: scrawford@leg.ne.gov
  • Sen. Dan Hughes
    Phone: (402) 471-2805
    Email: dhughes@leg.ne.gov
  • Sen. John Kuehn
    Phone: (402) 471-2732
    Email: jkuehn@leg.ne.gov
  • Sen. Tyson Larson
    Phone: (402) 471-2801
    Email: tlarson@leg.ne.gov
  • Sen. John McCollister
    Phone: (402) 471-2622
    Email: jmccollister@leg.ne.gov
  • Sen. Jim Scheer
    Phone: (402) 471-2929
    Email: jscheer@leg.ne.gov
  • Sen. John Stinner (Ex Officio)
    Phone: (402) 471-2802
    Email: jstinner@leg.ne.gov