As part of the decision making process to grant or deny a permit for the TransCanada pipeline, the US State Department is holding meetings in Nebraska to get input from citizens, experts, and landowners. They are asking for comments on their Final Environmental Impact Statement and, more generally, whether you think the pipeline is in our state and national interest. 

This is the moment where we can stop the pipeline in its tracks. These meetings will be our opportunity to show the State Department and, by extension, President Obama that the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline must be stopped to protect our land and water. 

**Please wear Husker red to the State Dept. meetings. This will show our unity but also our support for Coach Osborne who recently kicked TransCanada ads out of Memorial Stadium.**

Meeting times and dates

Tuesday, Sept. 27
Pershing Center, 226 Centennial Mall South
Meeting times: 12-3:30pm AND 4-8pm (there will be a 30 minute break)

Rally time: 11am–Meet in front of the Pershing Center, bring handmade signs. We will hand out armbands, action guides, yard signs, and more.

After party: 8pm, Duggans Pub, 440 South 11th Street (bands, pipeline materials and more!)  

Thursday, Sept. 29
West Holt High School, 100 N. Main Street
Meeting time: 4:30-10pm

Rally time: 3:30pm–Meet near the bleachers on the left hand side as you drive in. Bring handmade signs. We will hand out armbands, action guides, yard signs, and more.

If you’re going to attend one (or both) of the meetings please RSVP to us here. We want to have a tentative head count so that we can bring enough t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, and arm bands for everyone!

You still MUST sign-in at the State Dept. meeting if you want to give testimony.

What to expect at the State Dept. meetings

Bold will have pre-rallies in both locations one hour before the meetings begin. We will have materials like bumper stickers, t-shirts, yard signs and arm bands there for folks to pick up. The yard signs and handmade signs can not go into the meeting, so we will store them in a van and once the meeting is over, we will be there to hand them out.

If you want to testify/speak: there is a sign-up process ahead of time. You will arrive at the location and sign-up on a sheet inside the meeting location if you want to talk. You will have 3 minutes to present your information.

We suggest you stick to one topic and try to answer the question, “Is this pipeline in our nation’s interest?” Anyone can speak–you can be a pipeline expert, scientist, grandmom, nature lover, ethanol producer, student, farmer, rancher, or landowner, basically anyone who cares about our land and water.

We also suggest you start your testimony out by giving a 15 second description about who you are. For example, “My name is Sean, and I teach in Lincoln. My family homesteaded in the Sandhills and still ranches out in Atkinson. I am opposed to the pipeline because….”

If you want to have your comments on the pipeline on the record but not speak at the hearings, email your comments to We will hand deliver the comments on the day of the hearings to the State Department staff.

You do not have to stay for the entire meeting. You can come and sign-up, speak, and leave. Or you can stay for the entire time to listen and show your support.

Want to do some research before you attend the meetings? Check out our Pipeline Background Resources page.

Quick tips to email your friends

Nebraskans have a unique opportunity to tell the State Department directly why you want to stop or re-route the pipeline.

1) Get there as early as possible and sign in. If you do not want to speak, still get there early and hold a place for one of our folks.

2) If they let you sign in multiple people, bring a list of your friends/family who you think also want to speak so you can sign them in, too. (We do not know if they will let you, but we will be prepared since we pipeline proponents are paying people.)

3) Wear a red t-shirt and an armband. We will hand out armbands on site of the meeting.

4) Participate in our rally that begins one hour before each meeting.

5) Text 402-705-3622 with any problems or anything fishy you see happening.

Other events around the State Dept. meetings

We add new pipeline events all the time.  Check out our Event Page for activities you can attend to meet other Nebraskans working on this issue.

Everything from the movie “The Pipe” to us hosting a booth at “VegFest.”

If you want to volunteer with us at the events, just email

For Press

Please email for a list of spokespeople who will be more than happy to be interviewed. 

You can also call Jane Kleeb, our Executive Director, at 402-705-3622.

We can point you to hotels and good restaurants if you are coming in from out of state (or country!), just let us know what you need.

Lastly, we have a page of resources for you that includes photos, video, b-roll, and important research.