Pipeline company Enbridge has been working to make Wisconsin a super-highway for tarsands.

While making plans to expand their octopus of pipelines that crosses farmland and lakes, Enbridge was also secretly working with the Wisconsin state legislature to expand eminent domain authority.

Landowners are organizing against Enbridge. Many of the landowners already have FOUR pipelines in an 80-foot area of their land and Enbridge has plans take more land to put in two more pipelines in this tarsands super-highway.

Politicians should start paying attention, because a recent poll finds that Wisconsinites oppose Enbridge’s reckless expansion of tarsands pipelines, and oppose the use of eminent domain for private gain.

I am proudly working with the landowner group 80 Feet Is Enough in Wisconsin to organize a resistance to these pipelines. I recently met with environmental leaders and landowners from across Wisconsin to continue to defeat Big Oil from trouncing on rural property owners.

If I were a consultant on a Republican or Democratic race in Wisconsin, I would print this poll out, gather the landowners and sit down with my candidate to develop a clear policy against eminent domain for private gain and to call on all future pipelines to undergo a climate test.

I look forward to seeing the 80 Feet Is Enough group grow their power and show yet another tarsands corporation that small but mighty always beats the Big Oil suits.

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