Election Day: Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014

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The election season is here and we think it’s time for New Energy. Bold Nebraska partnered with landowners, citizens and leaders in our state to create the New Energy Voter PAC as a place pipeline fighters, new energy lovers and water warriors can get information on candidates.

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The TransCanada pipeline has been a key issue in our state since 2008, yet it is rare to find a candidate talking about the safeguards we still need to protect our land, water, air and climate.

Wind and solar power are loved by most Nebraskans, yet political leaders have yet to pass any real goals for sustainable energy in our public-power state.

We have new faces — young people, farmers, ranchers, Tribal communities, Latinos, moms, African Americans — who took action on issues critical to our families, yet when we look over our shoulders, we find lots of citizens — but few political leaders standing with us on key issues facing our communities and families.

We can complain. We can sit here and say our state is run by a few at the top that hold one set of values with no room for others.

Or, we can act.

Change happens in the streets and in our communities. Change also happens in the voting booth.

Let’s show our Pipeline Fighting power and bring new energy to the polls on Nov 4.

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