Hello! If this is your first time at Bold Nebraska welcome…Thanks to Coby Mach on KLIN’s Drive Time, Tyson Havranek with KHAS radio for having us on their radio shows.  Thank yous also go to KHASNTV and Art Hovey at LJS for covering the Merrick County story.  

Here is a link for the podcast of the show with Coby Mach, Jane Kleeb and a TransCanada pr rep. 

Below are some resources and some actions you can take on the pipeline.

Pipeline Resources:

Nebraska Unicameral’s Interim Study: This document has testimony from Nebraska’s water and Sandhill experts on the dangers and numerous questions that are still unanswered about the risky pipeline project.

Congressional Research Service Memo: The non-partisan federal resource clearly outlines the fact that Nebraska–not the federal government–is responsible for the route of oil pipelines, which means Gov. Heineman and the Unicameral can say the pipeline should not go through the Sandhills.

Bold’s Pipeline Resource Page: We do our best to keep lots of background information, reports and key articles all in one place.

Pipeline Actions:

Sign this petitionMoveOn has a new tool to help local issues and we have over 1k signatures already, add your name by clicking here!

Come to the Citizen Hearing on May 12th in Lincoln.