On Jan. 29 we are holding a vigil outside of Governor Heineman’s mansion demanding he reject the risky TransCanada pipeline route. Over a year ago we surrounded the Governor’s mansion with flashlights shining a light on the need for good pipeline regulations. When the Unicameral and the Governor passed LB 1161, undoing all of the hard work of the Special Session, we knew it was trouble. That is why 3 brave citizens sued the State of Nebraska for an unconstitutional bill and why a judge recently ruled in our favor for that case to move forward.

Reject the Route Vigil
Jan. 29th at 6pm
Governor Heineman’s mansion, 1425 H Street, Lincoln

We simply cannot allow Gov. Heineman to approve this risky route under an unconstitutional law. Further, the DEQ report he is using to make his decision was written by and for TransCanada at the tune of $5 million. The report fails to address real risks of tarsands on our water, impacts on the environment and wildlife and the economic risks of spills and construction on landowners and small counties.

Gov. Heineman has a biased and inadequate report and is operating under an unconstitutional law. He must reject the route.

Demand Heineman Reject the Route

Join us on Tuesday, Jan. 29th at 6pm for a prayer circle and vigil at the Governor’s mansion located at 1425 H Street in Lincoln.

From 6am-6pm, teams of citizens will hold their ground in front of the Governor’s mansion. Every hour a new team of two citizens will sit in front of the mansion.

Starting at 6pm, we will hand out candles (or bring your own) and line the sidewalk with luminaries. We are asking citizens to stand in between the luminaries. We will have faith leaders say a prayer for Gov. Heineman’s decision.

Then at 6:15pm, we will have 10 minutes of silence where all of us will stand in solidarity with landowners, tribal communities, citizens concerned about water, scientists knowing the impacts on climate and the wildlife at risk who can not stand up for themselves.

This is a critical decision and we need all hands on deck for this important action on Jan. 29th outside the Governor’s mansion.