Dear Sec. Clinton,

We urge you to deny the permit request from TransCanada to build a risky tarsands oil pipeline across the Sandhills and through the Ogallala Aquifer.

Click here to sign our petition urging the Department of State to deny TransCanada’s request to cross the US/Canadian border with their risky tarsands pipeline.

Dear Gov. Heineman,

We urge you to work with the Unicameral to change the route of the pipeline in order to get it out of the Sandhills. We need your leadership to put basic safety and financial responsibility regulations in place to protect our state, landowners and natural resources.

Call Gov. Heineman at 402-471-2244, tell him it is his responsibility to re-route the pipeline from out of the Sandhills and that it is not too late. 

Or write him a letter, P.O. Box 94848, Lincoln, NE 68509


NWF Gas Prices Flyer and TransCanada Risky Pipeline Flyer: Two flyers with the basics of how the pipeline will increase gas prices and hurt our land and water.

Worst Case Spill Report: A ground-breaking independent, peer-reviewed study by UNL professor Dr. Stansbury documenting the huge risk the TransCanada pipeline will have on our water and how TransCanada underestimated the amount of spills that would occur. 

Nebraska Unicameral’s Interim Study: This document has testimony from Nebraska’s water and Sandhill experts on the dangers and numerous questions that are still unanswered about the risky pipeline project.

Congressional Research Service Memo: The non-partisan federal resource clearly outlines the fact that Nebraska–not the federal government–is responsible for the route of oil pipelines, which means Gov. Heineman and the Unicameral can say the pipeline should not go through the Sandhills.

Bold’s Pipeline Resource Page: We do our best to keep lots of background information, reports and key articles all in one place.

Dirty Oil Sands: A “hub” of resources on tarsands, this site has great links to videos and other facts on tarsands.


Pipeline Action Guide: Are you ready to write a letter to your local paper or a letter to State Senators? We have all the info you need in one handy booklet.

Nebraska Pipeline Petition: Over 3,500 Nebraskans have signed the petition, join us in telling elected officials we must stop the pipeline and protect our landowners and natural resources.

*watch our Bold site for upcoming events including Department of State hearings in Nebraska on the pipeline, an Energy Film Festival and a Pipeline Art Scavenger Hunt.