The Dalai Lama, State Senators Haar and Avery and each of you have all taken action this week to stop the risky TransCanada pipeline.

President Obama received a letter signed by fellow Nobel Laureates urging him to deny the permit to TransCanada. The letter, authored by the Dalai Lama, Bishop Tutu along with seven others, specifically mentions Nebraska and how we are fighting to protect the Ogallala Aquifer. You can read the full letter here

The night you were nominated for president, you told the world that under your leadership—and working together—the rise of the oceans will begin to slow and the planet will begin to heal. You spoke of creating a clean energy economy. This is a critical moment to make good on that pledge, and make a lasting contribution to the health and well being of everyone of this planet. 

State Senator Haar from Malcolm has been very busy defending the truth when it comes to who can get the pipeline out of the Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer. He has an excellent op/ed that clearly outlines the facts–Gov. Heineman is the only one who can change the route of the pipeline. When it comes to Nebraska, all of the rules around routing of pipelines, financial liability, road repairs and serious questions around safety fall squarely at the foot of Gov. Heineman. Unfortunately, all he is doing is kicking the can to the President by writing a letter and complaining to the media (who by all accounts are not buying it). Haar also helped form a new coalition Save Our Sandhills and he needs you to contact your state senator asking them to support a special session to get laws in place to protect our land and water.

State Senator Avery is yet another leader in our state working to stop the pipeline from destroying the Sandhills and polluting the Ogallala Aquifer. Avery sent a letter to Sec. Clinton this week outlining his concerns. Other leaders include State Senators Fulton, Coash and Sullivan as well as US Senators Johanns and Nelson and Representative Fortenberry and York County Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin.

Most other state senators and elected officials have sat on the sidelines. Then, there are others that have actively worked with TransCanada, those include State Senators Langemeier, Fischer, Smith, Krist (feel free to also contact them letting them know you are watching and disappointed).

Each of you have taken the time to call your State Senators asking for a special session, signed our petition to elected officials to stop the pipeline and RSVPed for the upcoming State Department meetings. Now we need to make sure at least 5 of our friends do these three things also. The only reason we have been able to stop TransCanada so far is because citizens like you are taking action. 

If you need any resources like yard signs or action guides, or if you want to set up a talk in your neighborhood, we will get you the resources you need.

You are the difference in this effort. TransCanada may have lots of money and Big Oil buddies, but we have a whole group of Nebraskans who are stubborn and full of fight. We can stop the pipeline. Just email with questions or ideas on other actions we can take.