National and state groups are joining citizens across our country to show up in large numbers to Washington DC on Feb. 17th for a pipeline and clean energy action called “Climate Forward.” We need President Obama to know how many of us stand with him to reject TransCanada’s Keystone XL permit for their dangerous export pipeline.

Bold and groups like Sierra Club and Farmers Union are using various transportation methods to get as many folks as possible to DC.

1) If you want to join us in DC, please fill out this form (below of click here) so we know if you want to arrange your own travel or if you need help getting to DC (we are raising money for this and will post more info soon on how many we can help).

2) We will also be making “oil spill” panels of black fabric to bring with us. So even if you can not come to DC, you can still be there! The same form (below or click here) you complete to let us know you want to come to DC is the same form we need you to complete letting us know you are making an “oil spill” panel.

3) We will post a detailed schedule of where Nebraskans and landowners from across the US are meeting up for a shared meal on Saturday and our meeting location to gather for the rally so we can all be together. Look for those details in early Feb.

How to Make an Oil Spill Panel (attention all you crafters!):

Go to your local fabric store and buy 2 yards of black fabric. Then…turn your creativity on. We want folks to iron on pictures, sign your names, quilt images of your land, whatever moves you to fight this pipeline, that is what we want you to put on your “oil spill” panel.

Our goal for Nebraska is to bring at least 50 “oil spill” panels with us to DC. Over the holiday break is a perfect time to break out the craft box and sewing machine.

Please mail or drop by your panel, by 2/10/13: Bold Nebraska, 1246 Washington St., Suite 100, Lincoln NE 68502.

If you have questions, please email