Update 2/14: After lots of calls and grassroots actions, Sen. Schumer has confirmed he will oppose any KXL ammendments! “Senator Schumer will be voting against the proposed amendment that includes Keystone XL and is working with Majority Leader Reid to defeat the amendment.” –Martin Brennan, state director, Sen. Schumer

We need the Senate to stand strong against back door deals to ramrod Keystone XL through. With critical bills like transportation and another extension of the payroll tax cut coming up, we cannot afford political games that put our land and water at risk.

That’s why we’re asking you to call Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) and ask him to stand up to big oil’s meddling in Congress. Ask him to stand with President Obama and Nebraskans by not voting for any bill with Keystone pipeline riders. Schumer needs to hear from pipeline fighters and Sandhills lovers, not just Big Oil lobbyists.

Schumer always stands up for middle class families, and we know he loves Nebraska’s great hunting grounds. This New York senator has to get the message that Nebraskans need his help protecting our land and water from the pipeline. We need him to vote no on any pipeline riders.


Contact Senator Schumer on social meda:

(Senator Ben Nelson, left, Senator Schumer, right)