Speaker Flood announced on the floor of the legislature this afternoon that TransCanada has agreed to move their pipeline out of the Sandhills. He asked that Senator Langemeier’s bill be altered to become a state-based EIS and that Senator Dubas’ siting bill be kicked out to the floor to create a regulatory process for all future pipelines.

We will post updates on the amendment and tomorrow’s schedule as they come in. The Lincoln Journal Star and Omaha World-Herald have good coverage.

Statement from Jane Kleeb:
We are proud of citizens for pushing state leaders to do the right thing: requiring the pipeline be moved out of the Sandhills and establishing a state-based regulatory system. However, we do not trust Transcanada. They have bullied and mislead landowners and citizens. Because of that we will be watching them like a hawk to ensure our land and water are protected. 

Tomorrow’s Schedule:
9:00am-Noon The Full Legislature Will Convene to debate Dubas’ bill
1:30pm The Natural Resources Committee will hear testimony on AM37