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Cowboy Indian Alliance at the Rosebud Sioux Spirit Camp in South Dakota (Photo by Matt Sloan)

On Tuesday, Bold Nebraska submitted its first round of interrogatories as part of the discovery process in the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission permitting process for the Keystone XL pipeline.

The interrogatories, directed toward pipeline operator TransCanada, address a number of important points, evidence and facts surrounding the proposed pipeline project.  Bold’s most relevant questions deal with the need for the pipeline to be built now that the U.S. is producing record amounts of oil in the Bakken region, the pipeline’s effects on gas prices now that prices at the pump have plummeted in recent weeks, and the financial feasibility of the project now that the price of oil is dropping well below the level necessary to sustain more expensive tarsands production.

Bold also asks questions specific to TransCanada/landowner relations in addition to requesting information on TransCanada’s track record in South Dakota on issues such as emergency response, first responder training, and taxes paid in counties along the first Keystone pipeline.

The document appears below, and was prepared through the hard work and extensive dedication of time by Bold’s attorney Paul Blackburn.  Many thanks to Paul as well as to the landowners and citizens who brought many of these items and issues to Bold’s attention to be addressed.

We look forward to seeing TransCanada’s response to these questions.  We hope the South Dakota PUC will use the information to make a decision on the pipeline permit that protects the interests of the citizens of South Dakota and upholds the rights of tribes, farmers, ranchers, and children to have a better future.

First Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents of Bold Nebraska