Bold Alliance and Sierra Club have filed a response with the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) responding to motions filed by TransCanada that attempt to further limit the testimony and evidence that we’ll be able to present during the Keystone XL intervenor hearings Aug. 7-11 in Lincoln.

From the response filed by Bold Alliance and Sierra Club, which argues that TransCanada isn’t unfairly prejudiced by our evidence, and urges the PSC Hearing Officer to overrule their motions:

“It is not surprising that TransCanada seeks to exclude testimony that casts its proposed Keystone XL Pipeline project (“KXL”) in an ill light, as throughout these proceedings – and as exemplified by the work of its lobbyists in promoting legislation in the Nebraska Legislature intended to prevent the Commission from exercising its constitutional authority to decide this issue (see LB 1161, Laws 2012) – it has consistently sought to limit full and informed consideration of the risks posed by its project to the people, environment, and natural resources of this State.”

TransCanada is attempting to prevent the PSC from exercising its constitutional authority to determine appropriate evidence.

The witnesses hired by Bold, Sierra Club and the other Natural Resources intervenors are experts on natural resources issues and are presenting testimony related to public interest, which is the standard the PSC is supposed to use in this process.

Bold and Sierra Club Response to Objections and Motion in Limine