(Bold Nebraska billboard in Lincoln on 10th & L St.)

Did you see our billboard?

Bold Nebraska has purchased a digital billboard in downtown Lincoln to call out Gov. Pete Ricketts for failing to protect Nebraska’s highest property taxpayers — farmers and ranchers — from eminent domain for private gain and TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline.

Gov. Ricketts has time and again catered to the foreign oil corporation’s every wish, while leaving Nebraska landowners to fend for themselves against years of bullying from pipeline land agents, and eminent domain lawsuits seeking to take their land against their will for a tarsands export pipeline.


Support landowners fighting eminent domain and KXL in the courts.

Donate to build more solar in the path of Keystone XL.


2010 – 2015 An unlikely alliance of farmers, ranchers, Tribes, environmentalists and allies successfully works to stop KXL

NOVEMBER 6, 2015 U.S. State Dept. says TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline would not be in the U.S. national interest. President Obama accepts Sec. of State John Kerry’s recommendation and rejects the foreign tarsands export pipeline project.

MARCH 2017 Bold Nebraska organizes community meetings for Public Service Commission (PSC) Intervenor process: Supporters learn how to participate in the formal PSC process to challenge TransCanada’s KXL application.

MARCH 24, 2017 President Trump issues federal permit for KXL, making Nebraska the final stand to stop the pipeline. (Trump’s rubber-stamp also triggers a federal lawsuit filed by Bold and others, to be heard in 2018.)

MAY 21, 2017 Planting of Sacred Ponca Corn: For 4th consecutive year, Bold supporters help plant Sacred Ponca corn in the route of KXL and historic “Trail of Tears.”

MAY & JUNE 2017 Bold turns out hundreds of supporters to make public comments about their opposition to KXL at PSC public meetings across the state.

JULY 29, 2017 The first “Solar XL” installation is built — putting clean solar energy in the path of the pipeline near Silver Creek, NE.

AUGUST 6, 2017 March to Give KXL the Boot: On eve of PSC Intervenor hearings, hundreds of Nebraskans come to Lincoln to march in opposition of KXL.

AUGUST 7-10, 2017 PSC Intervenor Hearings: Attorneys for landowners and other formal “intervenors” such as Bold and the Ponca and Yankton Sioux Tribes argue in court against the need for KXL in Nebraska during a weeklong hearing at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel in Lincoln.

SEPT 16, 2017 Solar XL Installation #2 goes up in the path of KXL near Atkinson, NE.

OCTOBER + NOVEMBER 2017 NoKXL Canvass Across Nebraska: Bold supporters knock on neighbors’ doors in all five PSC Commissioners’ districts, to let them know about the upcoming PSC decision on KXL, and how they can make their voices heard. NoKXL Overpass Light Brigade: Supporters gather on overpasses with LED-light “No Keystone XL” signs during rush-hour commutes before the KXL decision.

NOV 4, 2017 4th annual Harvest of the Sacred Ponca corn planted on land that crosses the KXL route and historic Ponca “Trail of Tears.”

NOV 16, 2017 TransCanada’s first Keystone Pipeline (aka “Keystone 1,” completed in 2010) spills over 210,000 gallons of oil in S. Dakota. Cleanup continues into 2018.

NOV 20, 2017 PSC denies TransCanada’s “preferred” route, approves a “Mainline Alternative” route through Nebraska. TransCanada announces it will make a decision about whether or not it will continue the project in the near future.

NOV 26, 2017 Judge rules federal lawsuit challenging Trump’s rubber-stamp of KXL permit can move forward. Oral arguments in 2018.

DECEMBER 2017 NEAT Landowner Meetings The Nebraska Easement Action Team (N.E.A.T.), a non-profit education and legal defense fund established by Nebraskans for the benefit of landowners and citizens affected by KXL, holds community meetings on the “Mainline Alternative” route in Seward, Norfolk, O’Neill & David City. (More info: NebraskaEasement.org)

DEC 12, 2017 PSC rejects TransCanada’s motion to reconsider its decision denying the company’s “preferred” KXL pipeline route.

DEC 27, 2017 Landowners file appeal of PSC’s approval of “Mainline Alternative” route in Nebraska court.


  • Feb. 14 Delivery of transcript & record of PSC intervenor process to NE court
  • March 16 Landowners Brief due to court
  • March 2018 Solar XL installations #3 and #4 More info: http://bit.ly/solarxl
  • April 2018 TransCanada’s Brief due to court
  • Late 2018 Expected scheduling of Oral Arguments in PSC KXL appeal in NE