The election season is here and we think its time for New Energy.

The TransCanada pipeline has been a key issue in our state for over two years and yet it is rare to find a candidate talking about the safeguards we still need to protect our land, water and air. Wind and solar power are loved by most Nebraskans and yet political leaders have yet to pass any real goals for sustainable energy in our public-power state.

We have new faces–young people, Latinos, moms, rural advocates, African Americans–that took action on issues ranging from pre-natal care to voter-id to health reform to the pipeline and yet when we look over our shoulders, we find lots of citizens and few political leaders standing with us on key issues facing our communities and families.

We can complain. We can sit here and say our state is run by a few at the top that hold one set of values with no room for others.

Or, we can act.

Change happens in the street and in our communities. Change also happens in the voting booth.

The New Energy Voter project is an effort by citizen groups like Bold Nebraska, Nebraska Sierra Club, Nebraska Farmers Union, Guardians of the Good Life, Nebraska Interfaith Power and Light, 350 Nebraska and several community partners. Our goal is to bring the energy and ideas of issues we have organized on over the past few years and bring that energy to voting booths across our state.

New Energy means voting for the environment–our land, water and air. New Energy means no pipeline. New Energy means more wind and solar. New Energy means local food in our schools, grocery stores and restaurants. New Energy means small businesses started by entrepreneurs are valued and celebrated. New Energy means different faces and different ideals representing our families. New Energy means giving a damn about our communities and showing our power when it’s needed most–Election Day, Nov. 6, 2012.

The Plan

In August, we are collecting emails, spreading the word to our friends and family and making sure folks are registered to vote.

In September, a New Energy Voter Guide will launch that shows where candidates stand on key issues.

In October, we will hold events to rally, meet and discuss issues facing our state and hand out the New Energy Voter Guide.

On November 6, we vote for new energy.

Be a New Energy Voter

We need your new energy to make this happen. Share the link on FB and Twitter. Get your friends registered to vote. Start talking about the pipeline and other issues you care about at candidate forums and townhalls.

We are powerful and strong in numbers, let’s show that power. Join us and be a New Energy Voter!

New Energy Website:

Register to Vote: RTV and Bold online voter reg tool (complete the form online, print it out, mail it in)

Tweet + FB This: Join fellow Nebraskans bringing new energy to the polls, be a New Energy Voter, #nebpol #nevoter