NPPD is holding public hearings all this week to get input about the proposed new transmisison lines that will need to be built to support the proposed TransCanda pipeline.

More info on the dates and locations can be found on our Event page.

We are concerned about the transmission lines for several reasons.

1) The Power Review Board approved NPPD’s request to move forward building the transmission lines even though the proposed pipeline has not been approved by the federal government.  It is unclear if NPPD has signed a contract yet with TransCanada for this new transmission lines which is something everyone should ask at the hearings.

2) The cost of the new transmission lines is going to cost taxpayers $64 million dollars.  From what we understand Nebraska will pay all the upfront costs of the transmission lines.  TransCanada will then pay Nebraska $10,000 a month for 10 years.  We are concerned that the transmission lines are being built and paid for by taxpayers.  What if TransCanada goes out of business before we are repaid and why should we build these to begin with since the oil is not guaranteed to even come back to our state?

3) During the Power Review Board meeting the Nebraska Game and Parks did have a letter submitted saying the new transmission lines could affect 5 wildlife species.  We would like to see more studies and information on this.  Additionally, we would like TransCanada to put money aside right now in a trust that can be used in case our wildlife are affected by a spill or through any construction.

If you can attend the hearings, please email

More info on the pipeline can be found on our Resource page, thanks to Nebraska Wildlife, Nebraska Sierra Club and Plains Justice for helping create this page of info!