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Sign the petition: No eminent domain for private gain

Support State Sen. Ernie Chambers' LB 473, a bill to repeal the eminent domain powers LB 1161 gave TransCanada to seize farmers' and ranchers' land to build the Keystone XL pipeline. Eminent domain should only be used for projects that serve "the public good," and this risky tarsands export pipeline fails the test.

Support Equality in Nebraska

Sign the ACLU's petition to Nebraska State Senators: Please work to end discrimination and support equality and fairness in Nebraska. Please support policies that value strong families, workplaces free of discrimination, equal access to health care, educational and economic opportunity for all Nebraskans. (Bold Nebraska supports the 2015 "Equality Agenda," a series of bills introduced in the state legislature that aim to add protections for the LGBT community in the workplace and other areas.)

Dear President Obama

Join Nebraska cattle ranchers, landowners, farmers and citizens. Stand up to TransCanada’s dangerous pipeline by sending a letter to President Obama. Add your name to the list below.