Your action is needed now to make your voice heard to Nebraska State Senators considering two resolutions:

In this year’s Nebraska legislative session, Bold supported Sen. Bostar’s LB 1186, a common-sense bill intended to protect Nebraska landowners and taxpayers so that we are never left held holding the bag cleaning up a corporation’s potential mess. While the bill did not advance, Bold is supporting LR 421, which would create an interim study to examine property rights issues.

ACTION: Add your name to tell Senators: Support LR 421 to study property rights issues in Nebraska.

Sen. Blood’s LR 159 requires the Executive Board of the Legislature to appoint a special committee to investigate the ecological disaster in Saunders County, Nebraska known as AltEn.

Bold has supported the people of the area by hosting a town hall to help them get answers to their concerns and by providing water filters to residents concerned about the safety of their drinking water. Unfortunately, LR 159 is stuck in committee and we need your help to bring it to the floor for full debate.

ACTION: Add your name: Appoint a Special Committee to investigate the Mead environmental disaster.

Thanks for taking action to protect property rights and water in Nebraska.