Young Nebraskans are getting the health insurance they need because of the health care law passed last year (thank you Senator Nelson and President Obama). Navigating health insurance and knowing the actual benefits under the new law can be confusing. Helping out young Nebraskans and parents who want to know how they add their young adult to their insurance is now all answered in the Getting Covered Toolkit.

The Getting Covered Toolkit provides information such as:

  • Your health insurance options if you don’t have a job.
  • What you need to know about the new health care law.
  • Key health insurance terms to know when you go to buy a plan. 
  • How to stay on your parent’s plan up to 26.

You can also text “Toolkit” to 69866  to have the Toolkit sent to you.  

Bold Nebraska’s intern Emily is in DC right now preparing to get on a nationwide press call with Sec. Sebelius to not only celebrate the first year of the health care law, but to also continue to tell her story on how the law helps her and her family.

This is not Emily’s first time in DC telling her story.  She has testified in front of Congress and is profiled on the White House website representing our state.  Emily is a tremendous advocate that all of us at Bold, and we are quite certain at UNL as well, are very proud of and really shows the power of one.