Omaha is about to embark on a historic vote for equality. As I type this, Nebraskans can be fired for being gay. There is no legal protection for families and individuals of the LGBT community in the workplace.

Equality in the Workplace in Omaha from Lindsay Trapnell


You can help by showing up to the upcoming rally and hearings on the “Equal Employment Ordinance.”

Rally for Equality
March 5th, 7pm
First United Methodist Church, 7020 Cass Street, Omaha

Public Hearing
March 6th, 2pm
1819 Farnam Street, Omaha
You can speak at this hearing, we need a lot of folks showing up in support.

Final Vote on Equal Employment Ordinance
March 13th, 2pm
1819 Farnam Street, Omaha


You can also contact the City Council members who are still “on the fence.” Ask them to support the “Equal Employment Ordinance,” tell them your story of why you support equality in the workplace.

Council Member Gernandt
Send an email

Council Member Mulligan
Send an email

I hope we can have the conversation statewide soon on equal rights. It is a critical conversation for our state to have and to act on to ensure all Nebraskans are treated with fairness under the law.

For now, Omaha is leading…let’s support their bold movement to move Omaha forward. Families and groups in Omaha, like Equal Omaha and Voice Omaha, are organizing citizens. Bold Nebraska supports their efforts.

Need more info? There is a great FAQ doc from Equal Omaha that details how states around us already have statewide protections and polling to back up support in Nebraska for this law.