The extreme-right American Legislative Exchange Council copy-cat bill (meaning not written by or for our state) on Voter-ID is getting its public hearing today at the Unicam.

Sen. Janssen, who is also running for Governor, brought this bill up last year and it got killed because there is no proof of Voter-ID fraud in our state. Even Sen. Janssen and the NE Sec. of State office said we have no voter-id fraud problem in our state.

Really, the biggest voter fraud (not voter-id fraud) we have seen came from Gov. Heineman’s appointee in Omaha who closed and changed polling locations in black communities.

You can watch the hearing online or come in person to room 1507 in the State Capitol.

The bill number is LB 381 and is last on the Government Affairs committee agenda, so it probably won’t start until after 2pm.

Watch live (around 2pm):

Share graphics on your FB page to help spread the word about Nebraskans at-risk of losing their right to vote with this type of bill. They are the faces of the unintended consequences if this bill gets written into law.

Email and call Sen. Scheer. He is a fair-minded state senator on the committee that needs to hear from Nebraskans.
Phone: (402) 471-2929, Email: