ACTION: Host your own #NoKXL LTE House Party! Sign up on the form below. 

Writing a letter to the editor (LTE) of your local newspaper or news website is a critical action you can take right now to help stop the pipeline.

They are very powerful tools to get your voice heard not only by fellow Nebraskans, but by elected officials as well — since they read the local papers to get a gauge on how the public feels about key issues.

You can also send similar letters to your church newsletter, or send to your personal email contacts list in order to spread the word. Below you will find tips, contact info to submit your LTE to local publications, and recent letters that fellow citizens have seen published in their local papers.

Host a “party” with your friends (or, we’ll post your event on our Facebook if you’re cool with other Bold supporters showing up — contact us with the details). It could be at your house, in a coffeeshop, in the park, anyplace works.

You don’t need to provide food (or booze), but depending on the crowd it may sweeten the deal. Make it a potluck! 🙂

Bold created a #NoKXL LTE House Party Toolkit that includes:

  • A downloadable #NoKXL Fact Sheet you can print out copies of for guests to read to help write and submit their letters the editor.
  • Cool #NoKXL signs/posters by Justin Kemerling that you can stick up or put out on the table
  • #NoKXL YouTube videos you could screen for guests on your laptop (or TV, if you can rig that up).
  • A sign-in sheet so people can be sure to be added to Bold’s email list, and so that Bold can track how many letters have been submitted.
  • If you have any questions about hosting a #NoKXL LTE House Party, email Hannah Adams ( or Mark Hefflinger (