Attorney Dave Domina of Domina Law Group represents Nebraska landowners vs. TransCanada in a Holt County eminent domain hearing.

The Nebraska landowners challenging the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) approval of the “Mainline Alternative Route” for TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline this week submitted their opening brief with the Nebraska Supreme Court (embedded below) — arguing that the PSC erred in approving a route for which TransCanada did not actually file an application, and which has not been subject to any of the necessary reviews.

The landowners’ attorneys with Domina Law Group also argued that the route approval that TransCanada received last year should be nullified, and the process should start over — because the company did not follow a state pipeline siting law that requires the governor — in this case, Gov. Pete Ricketts, a pipeline supporter — to first deny a route before a company can submit an application to the Public Service Commission.

“Lawyers David Domina and Brian Jorde quoted Shakespeare — “things sweet to taste prove in digestion sour” — in arguing that either way, routing for the much-delayed crude oil pipeline needs to start over. That could delay the $8 billion project by at least another year,” the Omaha World-Herald reported.

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Appellants Landowner Intervenors Opening Brief