Donate now to stop KXL

President Trump announced today his approval for Keystone XL, a foreign pipeline using foreign steel. TransCanada can now cross our American border with their reckless pipeline.

Here’s the good news: Trump doesn’t have the final word on the Keystone XL pipeline.

We can stop the pipeline in Nebraska — Click here to donate $25 now.

Our unlikely alliance has already defeated this pipeline twice before, and our fight isn’t over yet — in fact, in Nebraska it has just begun. 

TransCanada still has no state permit or approved route in Nebraska. The Nebraska Public Service Commission just launched an 8-12 month review of their pipeline route permit application. The process includes public hearings and formal “intervenor” proceedings that will take legal, Treaty and water experts.

All of this organizing takes money, so we are asking you to stand with Nebraska and donate $25 now to help stop the pipeline.

The other major obstacle to KXL is the core group of brave farmers and ranchers, who for seven years have refused to give in to TransCanada’s threats of using eminent domain for their private gain. Landowners have fought the TransCanada’s attempts to seize their land against their will and continue to fight this abuse of eminent domain for private gain in the courts.

It’s all up to Nebraska now: Stand with us.

Jane Kleeb and the Bold Alliance team