The Republican-led House of Representatives just voted to defund the health care law and to defund women’s health centers.  I am unclear why they did either of these votes since President Obama will surley veto them both (assuming GOP could muster the votes in the Senate which is just not going to happen).  

Remember througout 2010 when the Republican leaders said over and over again if they won they would focus 100% on jobs?  What happened to that laser focus?

Defunding Planned Parenthood is putting women’s health at-risk.  What Republicans are saying with this vote is they do not care about women.  As a woman, and as a pregnant woman at the moment, I find this vote plain out shameful.  Planned Parenthood does not use federal funds to perform abortions, if they did and if there is proof of that happening, then that money needs to be repaid.  But, that is not happening.  

What is happening at Planned Parenthood’s women health centers every day is breast cancer exams, general check-ups, HIV prevention…life-saving medical needs are getting met.

What the DC Republicans are doing (i.e. wasting taxpayers money on bills going nowhere and that will not create jobs) is exactly what many NE Republicans are doing.  Let’s take just one example…Sen. Charlie Janssen’s Fremont ordinance that would theoretically deny illegal immigrants housing.  He fought hard for this ordinance.  He brought in the fancy out-of-state Kris Kobach, who moonlights now as the Kansas Secretary of State in order to get the ordinance passed (we guess because Janssen didn’t have the skills to do it on his own).  But the real kicker is everyone knew the law would be hung up in court.  The hearing for the case is not scheduled until 2012. What a huge waste of the town’s time, money and focus.  Exactly like what is happening in DC.  No focus on real stuff families are facing every day.

There are many statements flying around right now on what the Republicans just did in the House.  Below is one of those statements by the group HCAN.  An allied group in California, the Courage Campaign just posted one as well.  

Our statement is simple: House Republicans can not be trusted and the neglect they have for women and jobs was just made 100% crystal clear.

If you want to take action, we suggest getting on Facebook and Twitter and making sure your friends know what is happening.  We hear there will be marches in various towns on Feb. 26th.  We will keep you posted.

GOP Continues to Neglect Job Creation, Votes to Take Away Patients’ Rights and Women’s Health Care

Washington, D.C. – Health Care for America Now (HCAN), the nationwide coalition that led the successful fight for health reform, released the following statement from HCAN Executive Director Ethan Rome on votes by congressional Republicans to block funding to implement the Affordable Care Act and undermine health care for women:

“When the Republicans voted today to defund the Affordable Care Act, they were voting to put their constituents at the mercy of health insurance companies. They were voting to take away important cost-saving benefits and consumer protections from America’s families, seniors and small businesses and give control of our health care back to the insurance companies. 

“The Republicans are playing an empty shell game with the health care needs of America’s consumers. Their ‘repeal and replace’ campaign pledge was a sham. The GOP’s only health care plan is to put the health insurance companies back in charge so they can deny our care and jack up our rates.

“The Republicans also voted today to wage war on women and families by cutting off support for important health services. This reckless vote was a disgrace. House Republicans have the wrong priorities for America’s families. We don’t need another health care debate – we need Congress to create jobs and put America back to work.

See also HCAN’s latest blog entry on the Huffington Post: Will Attacking Planned Parenthood Create Jobs?