NoKXL Overpass Light Brigade #1, Memorial Park Bridge overpass, Omaha, NE 11/1/17. (Photo: Jason Shald)

Bold has been collaborating with the local Omaha Makers group to create our very own #NoKXL version of an “Overpass Light Brigade” installation, modeled after the Wisconsin Uprising campaign that has since been used by activists in dozens of cities.


NoKXL Light Brigade #1: Omaha, Nov. 1

Our first #NoKXL Light Brigade action took place in Omaha on Wednesday, Nov. 1, on the Memorial Park Bridge over Dodge St. during the evening rush hour commute

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NoKXL Light Brigade #2: Lincoln, Nov. 8

Our second #NoKXL Light Brigade action will take place in Lincoln on Wednesday, Nov. 8. We need 15-25 volunteers to help spell out our message on the Elaine Hammer Bridge overpass on 27th St. (at Mopac Trail/between W St & Y St). during the evening rush hour commute, with volunteers each holding one of the LED light-boards. (Please dress appropriately for the weather! Gloves are recommended.)

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NoKXL Light Brigade: Lincoln, Nov .18

Our next #NoKXL Light Brigade action will be Saturday, Nov. 18th in Lincoln (5-7pm) on the overpass bridge on 27th St. at Highway 2 (right next to Shopko and Arbys on 27th and Hwy 2).

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