Donald Trump has stated that if elected, he would approve the permit that President Obama rejected for TransCanada’s Keystone XL tarsands export pipeline in his first 100 days in office.

In a statement released today, TransCanada said it “remains fully committed to building Keystone XL,” adding, “We are evaluating ways to engage the new administration on the benefits, the jobs and the tax revenues this project brings to the table.”

Statement from Bold Alliance president Jane Kleeb:

“Nebraska stopped Keystone XL once before, and we will do it again if TransCanada thinks that they are going to contaminate our water and cross the Sandhills with a risky and unnecessary tarsands pipeline,” said Bold Alliance president Jane Kleeb.

“Nebraska has conflicting laws now on the books regarding pipeline routing and eminent domain because of the long fight around this pipeline. There are many legal challenges that have to be worked through, before TransCanada could even attempt to apply for a permit to build Keystone XL in our state. Oil consumption is down and so are oil prices. Production of tarsands oil in Canada is not growing. There is even less need and justification for KXL than there were the first two times TransCanada applied for permits and was rejected. 

We stand with Native allies in stopping these pipelines. Nebraska landowners remain committed to stopping eminent domain for private gain. We the people will always stop the Keystone XL pipeline.”