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Speak Out Against Keystone XL at Nebraska County Board Meetings

The Nebraska Public Service Commission has reached out to local Nebraska county boards along the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route, to solicit their views regarding the proposed route — and whether they believe Keystone XL is in the public interest. Bold is encouraging Pipeline Fighters to attend your next County Board meeting to find out […]


Instead of siding with Big Oil, the President chose to stand with farmers, ranchers, tribes and Pipeline Fighters everywhere working to protect our land, water and climate for our grandchildren. Co-sign our #NOKXL THANK YOU letter to President Obama. The letter begins: "Mr. President, families from all across America thank you for protecting our land and water by rejecting the risky Keystone XL tar sands pipeline...

Send a #NOKXL Pen to Pres. Obama

President Obama can end all this uncertainty right now with the stroke of a pen — and reject Keystone XL outright. Make a $4 donation and we'll send a #NOKXL pen in your name to the White House. Inscribed on the eco-friendly pen is a simple message with a powerful meaning: "President Obama, This Machine Stops Pipelines. #NOKXL" Keystone XL is a major threat to our land, water and climate via any route, and Pres. Obama has all the information he needs to reject the pipeline today.