The simplest way to keep our elected officials accountable is with our votes. Voting is a fundamental right, and Nebraska’s always protected and respected it. Unfortunately, State Senator Charlie Janssen thinks it’s better to block the vote than rock the vote.

Janssen is pushing to pass LB239, a bill that would require voters to show a valid, state-issued ID at the polls. It would disproporitionately affect youth, low income, minority, elderly and rural voters. Approximately 130,000 Nebraskans could lose access to the ballot box.

We have to show ID when we board planes or buy alcohol, but those are priveleges. Voting is the most basic constitutional right. We should be considering laws that update our election system and open access, not ones that block the vote.

Bold Action

Help protect our constitutional right to vote. Call and email Speaker Flood and your state senator to ask they vote “no” on Sen. Janssen’s attempt to block the vote.


Doesn’t demanding ID at polling locations decrease voter fraud?
The idea of voter fraud is a fraud. Even Senator Janssen, who introduced the bill, and Nebraska’s Deputy Secretary of State for Elections testified that voter impresonation and fraud is not a problem in Nebraska. So LB239 is a solution in search of a problem that we simply don’t have.

Isn’t protecting the integrity of our elections worth the cost?
Minnesota would have spent nearly $19.5 million just on voter education and outreach, and Missouri estimated their costs could run between $7-20 million (governors in both states vetoed voter ID bills). Using those numbers compared to population, Nebraska could spend $6.6 million to implement voter ID. We should not be throwing money down the drain when we have bigger problems like adequately funding education and fixing child welfare services in our state.

I heard other states are passing voter ID laws. What’s up?
There has been a national push from far right organizations like ALEC to pass voter ID laws. This is actually a backdoor attempt to suppress voters who typically support left-leaning candidates. The Brennan Center found that new laws could affect up to 5 million voters and dramatically tilt the 2012 election terrian. Because if they can’t count on your vote, then these organizations and their politicians don’t want your vote counted.

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