We call on President Obama to stand up with us to protect our land, water and climate for future generations, and reject Keystone XL.

We know that Keystone XL flunks the President’s own climate test. He has everything he needs to know in front of him to reject Keystone XL NOW.

Click here to send Pres. Obama a pen to sign Keystone XL’s rejection letter.

(Inscribed on the pen: “President Obama, This machine stops pipelines. #NO KXL”)

Despite the fact that Keystone XL has no approved route in Nebraska, and no construction permit in South Dakota, our oil-soaked Congress is tripping over themselves to pay back Big Oil campaign donations with the gift of a bill to fast-track Keystone XL.

The Senate blocked such a bill in November, but if another wrongheaded, oil-soaked bill from Congress makes its way to President Obama’s desk, the President must utilize his executive power and VETO it.

Tell Pres. Obama he must VETO any bill and reject Keystone XL, and send him an eco-friendly #NoKXL pen to do it with.

Click here to send Pres. Obama a Keystone XL VETO pen along with your message.

Pres. Obama knows what’s up with Keystone XL: “Understand what this project is: It is providing the ability of Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else,” Obama said recently when prodded by reporters — some of his strongest words to date against this pipeline.

We stand with Pres. Obama against an oil-soaked Congress that is hell-bent on delivering this reward to Big Oil and the Koch brothers, who just spent millions to tip the election in their favor.

We call on Pres. Obama to stand with us: Reject Keystone XL NOW.