NEAT meeting for Keystone XL affected landowners in Seward, Nebraska (2017)


The Nebraska Easement Action Team (N.E.A.T.) and Bold Nebraska are hosting another round of landowner meetings, to share information and hear landowners’ concerns about eminent domain and proposed carbon pipeline projects.

Meetings will be held in Wayne, Columbus, Norfolk and Grand Island, kicking off with another virtual meeting for landowners on Thursday, Feb. 24, which you can dial-in by phone to participate, or login on your computer via Zoom.

*VIRTUAL* Landowners Meeting on Carbon Pipelines
WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 24, 6-7pm CT
WHERE: Call-in: 312-626-6799 -or-
type this link on your computer to join via Zoom:

Landowners Meeting on Carbon Pipelines (Wayne)
WHEN: Thursday, March 3, 1-2 pm
WHERE: The Table Coffee House, 203 Main St, Wayne

Landowners Meeting on Carbon Pipelines (Columbus)
WHEN: Thursday, March 3, 4:30-5:30 pm
WHERE: CK Grill and Bar, 4018 S 9th St, Columbus

Landowners Meeting on Carbon Pipelines (Norfolk)
WHEN: Friday, March 4, 10-11 am
WHERE: Divots Conference Center (in the Rooftop Terrace room), 4200 W Norfolk Ave, Norfolk

Landowners Meeting on Carbon Pipelines (Grand Island)
WHEN: Friday, March 4, 4-5pm
WHERE: Prairie Pride Brewing, 115 E South Front Street, Grand Island

If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to fellow Nebraska landowner Tom Genung: 402-984-7548,

If you are a landowner interested in joining the Nebraska Easement Action Team, please complete the form:

Click on the video below to view the full Landowners Virtual Meeting on Carbon Pipelines in Nebraska, hosted on Feb. 2, 2022:

  • Jane Kleeb, founder of Bold, the lead group that worked to build an alliance of farmers, ranchers and Tribal Nations to stop the Keystone XL pipeline from using eminent domain. Jane brings communications, political and organizing skills to pipeline fights across the country.
  • Pipeline expert Paul Blackburn gives an overview of this unproven “carbon capture” technology, and the unsound economics and safety and health risks from these proposed carbon pipelines.
  • Attorney Brian Jorde with Omaha’s Domina Law Group, who gave a presentation on landowners’ rights with respect to eminent domain, and spoke to the advantages of forming a legal “co-op” with other landowners who oppose their land being taken by eminent domain for these projects — the Nebraska Easement Action Team (NEAT).

Slides: Brian Jorde, Domina Law (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Paul Blackburn, Supercritical CO2 Pipelines (DOWNLOAD PDF)

NEAT Letter re: February Landowner Meetings (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Nebraska Landowners Guide Property Rights Carbon Pipelines (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Top 8 Reasons to Oppose Risky Carbon Pipelines (DOWNLOAD PDF)