We are overdue for a pipeline update, and there’s plenty to share.  So buckle up because Transcanada’s been up to all kinds of chicanery since they threatened landowners with eminent domain.

 We’ll start with the successes.  After much heavy sighing in front of our Macs, we’ve finally edited and posted the video from the educational summit in July.  There are eight parts, each about nine to ten minutes long.  Part One is below, and you can watch more on our YouTube page.

 Joe Jordan and NPR have been giving us some attention as well.  Nebraska Watchdog posted an interview of Jane with some intel from TransCanada.  Apparently they could move the proposed pipeline so it doesn’t threaten 85% of Nebraskans’ drinking water, they just don’t want to.

NET, Nebraska’s NPR station, also did a story about the pipeline.  They interviewed landowners Dan Kramer and Randy Thompson.  We agree with Dan, we don’t know any landowners who would weep if the pipeline wasn’t built.  There are also some great pictures of the Nebraska landscape that will be torn up if TransCanada has their way.

While we’ve been getting the word out, TransCanada’s public relations machine has been cranking into high gear.  They sponsored the broadcast of the Husker football opener and ran ads saying the pipeline would be good for Nebraska.  Our rebuttal here.

TransCanada’s been getting more desperate with their attempts to strong arm landowners.  We’ve heard that they’re holding a series meeting with landowners.  But attendees have to sign a contract saying they won’t talk to the media before they walk into the room.

The first rule of Fight Club may be that you don’t talk about Fight Club, but negotiating with landowners isn’t an underground, counter-culture, fictional movement.  Though we do wonder, what would Tyler Durden do if TransCanada tried to make him sign a gag order?

The only top elected leader we have yet to hear from on TransCanada is Gov. Heineman.  Johanns, Nelson, Fortenberry, Smith and Terry have all at least commented.  But, from the top politician in our state, mum is the word.  Unlike Heineman, we won’t keep quiet.  We think his silence is irresponsible and that he’s turning his back on landowners, wildlife and our largest source of water.

Looking towards the future, we are waiting for a decision from the State Department as to whether or not they’ll give TransCanada a permit to build the Keystone XL.  As always, we’ve got plenty of resources for you to peruse if you want more info on the pipeline.