Lincoln local food fixture Pepe’s Bistro is preparing to go solar.  The independently owned vegan/vegetarian Mexican food business, which has a physical location at 3227 S 13th St., also has a food truck element, which was built through a Kickstarter campaign a couple years ago.  Now, the veg-mex Bistro is looking to add solar power to the mobile Pepe’s, in order to promote solar energy and educate customers about the benefits of going green.

Pepe has catered and donated food to many Bold events, and was the featured artist caterer at the Harvest the Hope concert with Neil Young and Willie Nelson in Nebraska in 2014.  Pepe’s passion for the food he creates, his care for his customers, and his generosity are what make his Bistro an important part of the Lincoln local food scene.


Pepe’s latest kickstarter campaign, which is asking for $2500 from the community, would install a solar-powered generator on the food truck, as well as a couple of solar panels on the roof of the mobile restaurant.  To learn more about the project and donate to Pepe’s efforts, go to this link:

Pepe in front of his food truck.  Photo courtesy Pepe's Bistro
Pepe in front of his food truck. Photo courtesy Pepe’s Bistro