Last Wednesday, President Obama made the monumental announcement that he is denying TransCanada’s permit request to build the Keystone XL export pipeline. We first want to say thank you to all the farmers, ranchers, urbanites, treehuggers, grandmas, students, artists, business owners and everyone in between who made this happen. All of your work writing letters, sending emails, calling, getting arrested, surrounding the Governor’s Mansion, and testifying at State Department hearings led to this right decision for our country, land and water.

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President Obama’s decision is a clear sign that he has heard Nebraskans and has our backs when it comes to protecting our land, water, and health. We want to show the president that we have his back too and that we support his decision. We’re sending the poster below to the White House with the names of Nebraskans who want to say “Thank You” to the President (sort of like a giant Hallmark card).