Update: At 1:30pm CT, March 8, the debate and votes begin on the various Keystone XL amendments. Some will do great things like demand TransCanada uses American steel and not imported steel from India and ensure the oil stays in the United States. Other amendments will reverse the President’s denial and approve the KXL pipeline for immediate construction.

Watch the US Senate floor debate at 1:30pm CT, click here.

Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Senate would vote on various amendments on the denied Keystone XL project. Things are moving fast. If we defeat this pipeline amendment, we’ve got a good shot at keeping Keystone bottled up in the future.

Keystone XL will raise gas prices in the Midwest and doesn’t do anything to make our country more energy secure.

Don’t just take it from us, take a look at this article from Bloomberg this week.

We want folks to call our Senators and send messages on Facebook and Twitter. Senators themselves don’t always check it, but their staff do and social media is one tool they use to gauge public opinion on issues.

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Please vote today to protect our land and water, put an end to Big Oil demands for more profits  

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Please vote today to protect our land and water. KXL pipeline will raise gas prices in the Midwest and export oil while risking our water and property rights. Let’s get started on clean energy that brings jobs to communities throughout Nebraska.

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