Where is the best-tasting water in America? It comes straight out of the Ogallala Aquifer, with no treatment, to residents’ taps in Curtis, Nebraska — the city that beat out 36 other municipalities to win the National Rural Water Association’s “Great American Water Taste Test” competition. The underground Ogallala Aquifer provides crystal clear drinking water to over 2 million people, and nearly one-third of all water used to irrigate American farmland.

The proposed Keystone XL tarsands export pipeline would run directly over the aquifer, with a spill risking this national treasure.

Click here to submit a public comment to the U.S. State Dept. on why Keystone XL is NOT in our nation’s interest. 

Ogallala Aquifer

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Many thanks to designer Justin Kemerling for his beautiful artwork for this campaign!

We are creating some t-shirts, drink coasters, koozies and other ideas to celebrate our country’s “Best-tasting water” here in Nebraska, and help make folks aware of the danger to this precious natural resource from Keystone XL. Be on the lookout!