Our concerns for our land and water remain. Landowners and citizens continue to speak out regarding the new proposed route of TransCanada’s tarsands pipeline that still crosses the Sandhills, sandy soil and the Ogallala Aquifer.

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Background document on concerns of tarsands pipeline.

US State Dept. press release on TransCanada’s new application.

Reminder of health effects and water pollution from the tarsands spill in Michigan and the red flags it raises for Nebraskans.

Videos and Pictures

Calvin is a landowner in the Sandhills of Nebraska, the “new” proposed route still crosses his land. Calvin says at the end, “there’s gotta be a better place than this.”


Landowners Karl Connell and Ernie Fellows oppose the pipeline. The pipe’s new proposed route still threatens Karl’s land which is Sandhills.

This is the Sandhills, this is Karl’s land, this should not be crossed by TransCanada’s pipeline.