Bold is offering residents of the Mead, Nebraska community whose water has been potentially impacted by contaminants from the AltEn ethanol plant pollution a free countertop water filter, to help protect their families from any possible health issues that could now be in their home tap water.

[Read more about the AltEn ethanol plant and pollution of water around Mead, Nebraska.]

We asked several scientists from the local universities, and believe the heavier-duty carbon filtration product we selected offers the best-possible protection from the specific chemicals, pesticide and fungicide pollutants. There are documents posted beneath the sign-up form from the EPA that describe the filtration system, as well as a study on how the particular chemicals in question here can affect drinking water.

(We also will provide a similar filter designed for a shower head, to filter your bathing water.) Alternately, you may want to investigate whether a (more costly) “whole-home” water filtration system would be best for your family’s needs.

Residents in the Mead area may sign up on the form below to have a countertop water filter delivered directly to your home.

In addition to having a filter mailed to you, Bold has also partnered with local folks to make these water filters available for pickup — at the Mead Covenant Church, 1540 County Rd 10, Mead, NE 68041.

You may pick up a free water filter on Thursdays, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., beginning on Thursday, Sept. 9th.

Aquasana Claryum Countertop Filter Manual

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