After an unseasonably warm autumn here in Nebraska, a cold front has finally ushered in cool, crisp air and much needed precipitation. Another season has come and gone, and once again we’ve come together to harvest the seeds of resistance and make plans for planting more in the coming year. Now as we join family and friends this holiday season to reflect on the progress we’ve made and consider the many new battles we must fight in the months and years ahead, let’s remember to give thanks for all that is good in the world, our country, our states, our communities, and in our homes. Here at Bold Nebraska, we are thankful for you—our community of supporters who stand side by side with us as we work hand in hand to protect our land and water resources.

After you share a Thanksgiving meal and have taken the time to reconnect with family and friends—and as you turn to thoughts of holiday shopping—please remember to support small and local businesses here in the Neb.

Small business Saturday is November 26th and 27th. If you’re not certain how to locate small and local in Nebraska, Bold has got you covered!

Please visit our web-based interactive map called “Made in the Neb”:

At Made in the Neb, you will find a variety of businesses, clean energy projects, and small farmers and ranchers in Nebraska who support five objectives Bold is working toward to help make Nebraska a great place to live and work. And we’ve just added many new participants:

Avani Day Spa and Yoga Studio, C-Pap Easy Clean, The Darlin’ Reds, Flatiron Café, Fulani (God to Man) Farms, George Paul Vinegar, Heart of Gold Jewelers, Laura’s Massage and Spa, Monarch Gardens, Omaha Biofuels Coop, Otley Farm, Ponderosa Cyclery, Prairie Star Botanicals, The Smith Family, Re-Cycled Bicycles, Round and Round, and Write On Grants.

Let’s celebrate our creative, innovative, and environmentally conscious Made in the Neb family and stand together to show that we proudly produce the best products and services while supporting clean energy and protecting our land and water resources here in Nebraska.

Happy Thanksgiving from Bold Nebraska!