Do you like bedazzled Bald Eagles?  Think being transgendered means dressing up in drag in broad daylight?  Consider being a NAG a good thing?  Then boy oh boy have we found a group for you.  It’s the Nebraskans Advisory Group (NAG for short, their abbreviation, not ours), and they have a thing for glitzy patriotism and overt bigotry.

NAG’s got extreme conservative views on just about every social issue imaginable, but it’s their latest crusade that’s really got our attention.

Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray has proposed an ordinance that would ban workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identification.  We think this is awesome because no one should be fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

NAG thinks the ordinance means “[T]eachers, policemen, firemen…city workers, city contract workers and private businesses will HAVE to ALLOW workers to show up IN DRAG!….Consider this…your child’s teacher shows up in DRAG to teach the class, you or your children sharing a public restroom with a man or woman in DRAG!

It’d take several blog posts and too many man hours to explore all the offensive ideas and phrases in this paragraph: Are firemen and women allowed to wear heels on the job?  How many drag kings and queens wear their costumes to their day jobs (maybe we’re hanging out with the wrong ones)?  Is NAG just scared that drag queens have more glitter than their bald eagle?

Instead, we’ll focus on the most disturbing part of NAG’s homepage: pictures with politicians.

NAG’s leader Susan Smith has some lovely pictures of herself standing next to politicians like Jon Bruning, Mike Johanns and Lee Terry.  There are also some nice pictures of Jim Smith who’s running for state legislature in Papillion against Theresa Whitehead.

So we know NAG supports Bruning, Johanns, Terry and Smith.  The question is, do these politicians support NAG’s extremism?  Clearly they have no issue with their pictures being taken and plastered across the internet with the group’s leader.  And Susan Smith’s been around and active in conservative circles, so they ought to know who she is.  We know Lee Terry’s been at various Tea Party events and supports them.

So tell us fellas, do you agree with NAG that protecting LGBTs from workplace discrimination will result in firehouses, schools and public bathrooms full of drag queens and kings?  Or, does this absurd fear-mongering appeal to you, so you look the other way?

We would love to see one of the politicians pictured on Susan Smith’s website make a public statement about her fear-mongering comments against Nebraska citizens and ask that she remove their picture.  Just one.  That would be bold.