Bold Nebraska heard from landowners last week that letters have hit their mailboxes from TransCanada, the company wanting to build the pipeline across the Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer.  The letters threatened eminent domain if the landowners did not sign the proposed contract within one month.

We understand several press outlets are working on this new development in the pipeline story. Art Hovey with the Lincoln Journal Star published a welcome comment from Senator Johanns on the bullying letters.

What TransCanada is doing is wrong, plain and simple. It goes against normal operating procedures.  Companies usually start doing this type of action when they know they have permission to build their project.  TransCanada does NOT have permission from Secretary Clinton to build the pipeline and in fact has hit several roadblocks.  Maybe that is why TransCanada has turned to tactics like bullying Nebraska landowners and overreaching their use of eminent domain?


We created a flyer you can download to pass along to friends and coworkers.  We need letters into Governor Heineman to let him know we need him to lead on this issue.  He has yet to make public comments on the TransCanada proposed pipeline.  He can step in and demand that TransCanada stop their bullying.  Heineman can also demand our state senators pass regulations on oil pipelines since we have NONE in our state right now.


You can read more on our TransCanada Resource page.