Halloween is right around the corner (so is Election Day Nov. 4!). A fellow pipeline fighter, Carolyn, emailed with a great idea of carving pumpkins with a #nokxl message. Some might remember one of our favorite actions pushing Gov. Heineman to support better pipeline bills at the state level when we carved 91 pumpkins to symbolize the 91 leaks that Keystone XL would have on our land and water.

Let’s show our pipeline fighting power in the streets and in the voting booth:
Print, Carve, March, Vote!

PRINT: We created this one pager you can print, copy and cut in half. When kiddos come to your door on Halloween, you can hand out one of these to the adults to help educate folks on the pipeline in a fun way. We also have door hangers you can pick up from us at the Ponca Corn Harvest that you can hand out or even go door to door with in your neighborhood.

CARVE: Here is a No KXL pumpkin stencil you can print and use to carve your pumpkin. You can also get creative like Troy did and carve a Stand with Randy pumpkin.


MARCH: On Nov. 1st, we will march in the streets of Omaha with the Cowboy and Indian Alliance to give Lee Terry the boot. Rep. Terry has stood with Big Oil and Keystone XL while ignoring the risks to our land and water. RSVP for the event on Facebook.

VOTE: Early voting has already started, so if you applied to vote by mail, you can vote right now! When you vote–either by mail or in person on Nov. 4th–add this awesome graphic designed by Justin Kemerling to your FaceBook wall to show your pipeline fighting pride! Make sure you are using the New Energy Voter Guide to help decide who stands with us in our fight to protect our land and water.


If you can’t tell, we are excited about the upcoming elections. If we keep using creativity and stand up for our land and water, we are confident Pres. Obama will stand with us and reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Let’s keep showing our pipeline fighting power in the streets and in the voting booth!